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We represent clients on family law-related issues, including divorce, child custody, alimony, property division, and adoption.Our commitment to excellent representation includes: We emphasize communication with our clients, persistent advocacy, and attention to all aspects of their case.If faced with a Divorce or Family Law matter; take action and explore your options.Delaying, ignoring the situation, or doing nothing will only make your situation worse and may result in devastating consequences that could have been avoided with help from Nason Law.

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Child Support is one area where many Courts pay special attention because they take their role of protecting the children's needs very seriously.

Parents may agree on the amount of child support, provided they state that the amount will meet the needs of the Child.

Key factors determining support payment in Massachusetts include: Where there has been a substantial change in circumstances, the Court may approve a modification of child support or spousal support.

Such circumstances may include job loss, a promotion resulting in an increase in income, or a serious illness requiring specialized, expensive health care.

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