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A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to create and edit spreadsheets.Office 365 also includes the latest desktop versions of Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note, and Outlook—recommended for use on desktops and laptops.We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability. I had to take my computer back to manufacture status. Was hoping it would be MS's version of Google docs. Use an older version of excel or the google spreadsheet alternatives, but stay clear of this one. One thing that I absolutely love about this, is the fact it automatically saves.Did you know that with an Office 365 subscription, you can unlock the full power of Office across all of your devices? You used to be able to create and save excel files but now that requires a 365 sub... Even though I make sure to save it anyways, I can see the save file on the left hand side, also the file I saved additionally as well.The above shared file shows on opening (having the above listed Excel options) 2 warnings - in the order of appearance: WARNING #1 After click on 's) So far so good, we finally go to Now I'll try all possible options step by step to make the picture clear. We spent a good hour with Sid that morning trying to figure out the case.I'll share only relevant lines of code for simplicity (complete sample file with code will be shared in the end). So, will the above code suppress all warnings for any Excel version and makes links updated silently? Sorry, I'm a bit lost in options, but hope I explained all correctly)@sigil: Without seeing your workbook, i won't be able to comment further.Some of our users have reported that they are no longer able to create Excel Surveys from within Excel Online.

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* Continuum for phones is only available on select Windows 10 premium phones.A Continuum-compatible accessory is required, along with an external monitor that supports HDMI input. The work of your team in putting excel into the hands of the everyday users has made my life SO much more easier.Version number: Varies by device Thank you for using Excel. Dislike that with the download of windows 10 you have to purchase this monthly. I look forward to seeing your updates and the direction this app will go. It says that excel mobile and word mobile are "free" but when you go to use them, you have to have a 365 subscription. It's clearly the "Mobile" version, and on the mobile version you can use it for free, but this version requires an active Office 365 subscription.• Share spreadsheets with a few taps, and invite others to review them. • Jump-start your projects with time-saving templates.• Add formulas with an onscreen keyboard that has common functions built right in.

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