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When we hear someone vent, the frustration we hear is usually just a release of stress about the situation.

Or maybe it's a friend who constantly dates the wrong girl/guy and never seems to get it. The problem with telling an army is what may be a simple complaint or a time of venting becomes gossip.You can even set up your venting to say: SEE ALSO: I Know Marriage Would Make Me Happy GOSSIP IS: Gossip can sometimes appear as "sharing for prayer" or "venting" when in reality a part of your heart is hoping that what you are saying will make you look better and another person look worse. What is your ultimate goal in talking about them behind their backs? Those that you are willing to speak truth into your life.You say these things to not only feel better about who you are, but also to feel better about what you do. You ask people to maybe not say anything but you know down inside, they might. Gossip is also something I find people do when they struggle with self-esteem, and with being a people pleaser. Those that are willing to let you know when what you are saying sounds more like gossip.When you start to tell someone about your church, your pastor, your boss, or your friend - what type of things are you sharing and why? b.) Vent with the openness to allow the Holy Spirit to make changes in you and with those with whom you are frustrated.Allow the person you are speaking too to also offer direction. It's how you handle the frustration that makes the difference.

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