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A junior officer in the Algerian army, it seems, was discovered to have betrayed his comrades to Islamist rebels.

His wife and children were summoned from their village and taken by military helicopter to the barren hillside where the captured soldier was being held.

Major General Jamaa Jamaa was not a popular man in Beirut.

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David Beckham suited up once again to keep an eye on things as England took on the Algerians today during the World Cup in Cape Town.

Jamaa was also killed, we were informed, by a booby-trap, and blown up by a suicide bomber.

All that we can be sure of is that his remains, such as they were, were taken for burial in the village hills above Lattakia where he was born. I am brought to this question by the secrecy which still smothers the 1954-62 Algerian-French war of independence where a cruel French regime of occupation fought a war against an equally cruel and determined Algerian resistance, primarily led by the National Liberation Front, the FLN. But over the past months, a remarkable phenomenon has made its appearance in Algeria.

Then there’s the sinister figure of Si Salah, head of wilaya 4, who was persuaded – by French intelligence, although he did not know this – that hundreds of his own men were collaborators.

On Si Salah’s personal instructions, almost 500 of his comrades were tortured to death or executed.

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