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In contrast, I was in a double, and my roommate and I didn't have very much in common.We tolerated each other, but never talked very much or did anything together.Maybe he's looking to pick up the pieces of his shattered personal life by falling into the arms of another fake girlfriend? ), may I suggest that he consults Notre Dame dismissed engineering professor Oliver Collins (pictured) last June.So Collins filed a lawsuit against the school for breach of contract.This latter situation is probably the most common as a freshman.It can be frustrating sometimes, but it is also a learning experience.There are usually plenty of things to do on campus to keep you entertained, though, if you don't want to go to parties. We also later on at night go clubing outside of school at Corby's a big restraunt downtown.Pretty much Notre Dame offers the same as any university for clubs and teams. This group is in charge of putting the gold paint on Notre Dame football helmets. It's famous for outside parties for Notre Dame.

Even if you aren't a football fan, you won't regret spending the money.Roommates are assigned randomly freshman year, which can be a drag or a blast depending on who you get.My sister, who also goes here, was in a quint with four other girls her freshman year, and they all got along famously.It's part of the experience of going to school here. Unfortunately, other school-sponsored events are significantly less popular.There are a plethora of theatre shows, concerts, comedians, and guest speakers made available to students by various organizations, but I feel like a lot of students don't take advantage of these great opportunities very often.

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