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I wasn’t sure about the move but decided it was better to do if voluntary than wait until the end when the moved all the people who didn’t want to. The most chatty was someone with a toon named Freya. Then sorting what I needed to save and what I could sell on the GTN, turning on RE to see which things I couldn’t auction that I could RE, and then finding a vendor to sell the rest of the stuff. " data-medium-file=" I suddenly got this tell asking if I wanted to join a guild. I alternated my time between all my toons until I slowly stopped playing the lowest level ones and focused on my pub main and imp main.

Once I hit 50 on my pub toon, I pretty much focused on her (Lindrossa) after that.

Playing space based stories was the norm and this was pretty much because of Star Wars. We have passed it to a second generation and are moving Star Wars onto a third generation of young children.

Star Wars has become more that just a movie that no one thought would succeed. At that time, if your name was already used on the server you were being moved to, you were the one forced to change yours. The night I made the move, I got logged into the new server and there were sure a lot of people. I have been playing MUD’s, MOG’s and MMO’s since the early 90’s.

We would raid twice a week and do random ones other nights.

They didn’t mind that I like to do both PVE and PVP.

I find that I really don’t care about knowing the specific SEAL who shot Osama. He was a National problem and a representative of our Military got rid of the problem.

While I sometimes consider if what we do as a nation on an international scale is right or wrong I believe that this person attacked this nation and we resolved the situation.

But there was a significant core group that was always there, always chatty, and pretty darn nice.

I would pop on and do a mission on the imp side once a week.

I would pop on to a couple of my alts and do a mission or two once a week.

I had avoided most PVP and FP because I never found them to be any fun in all the other games I ever played.

Most of them were super fanatical and expected people to be totally geared the instant they hit the level they could start doing the pvp or raiding. And with Proteus people, I found FP’s to be extremely fun.

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