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Until then, let’s hope that Crosby is taking it easy, with Leutner by his side! Well, she is a model and started her career in the field when she was 18.The current relationship status of Sidney Crosby is not known. It’s not easy being a model and managing to stay out of the spotlight, but Leutner has been pulling it off for years.It won’t come as a surprise if the rumors were to be true.We wish them all the best for the future and hope to see them get married very soon.

See why NHL player Patric Hornqvist can be a huge stone on Caps way than Sidney Crosby As of now, rumors have been flying about the couple getting married.They truly are in love with each other and as far as we know she is probably the girl he wants to spend his life with.The thing that makes their relationship perfect is that Kathy is the first girl in his life and doesn’t have any other name on his girlfriend’s list.On Monday’s game against the Washington Capitals, Crosby was cross-checked by Capitals defenceman Matt Niskanen, who claimed he wasn’t trying to injure Crosby.There will be no disciplinary hearing for the defenceman, according to the .

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