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A mobile is something that we take along with us where ever we go (unlike our computers) and that is one of the reasons many analysts believe that within three years more people will be accessing the Internet from mobile phones than from office or home computers.generation systems, the distinction between the wireless, wireline and the Internet service providers is beginning to blur.This can be adapted for display on mobiles in a number of ways.A website can be viewed using a phone that is WAP-enabled.Data services provided by the mobile networks are fast becoming popular and in some countries in Europe people are spending more on mobile data access compared to voice services.This presents a huge opportunity for the mobile data service developers.

Mobile Internet is all about Internet access from mobile devices.This calls for a standardization, which provides a generic model where applications can be written without keeping in mind the equipment and the technology.On the equipment side, the With the emergence of 3G technologies, the constraint on the low data rates may not be as limiting as it is today but is must be understood clearly that, as bandwidth increases, the handsets power consumption also increases which further taxes the already limited battery life of a mobile device.Mobile Internet access surely is poised to be a major commercial success.While the underlying network technologies keep on evolving, what is going to differentiate on network from the other is finally the services that it provides to the end user.

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