Christian dating and patience

When I was young I made a decision to begin waiting for sex until marriage.

I don’t remember a specific time or age when I made this decision. I always planned on waiting because in my mind, it was the right thing to do.

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Still, I managed to start dating in my mid teens and most of my relationships were long-term, or as long-term as relationships get in high school and college.

Waiting while I was alone was harder because when you are not in a relationship and you are waiting for the right one, the months and sometimes years tick by and you start to lose hope.Your best bet is to take your time slowly getting to know each other.All of these risks and sacrifices will be worth it someday.The camera thing kinda worked out for me and I’ve been lucky enough to do some fitness modeling.When I have a shoot coming up I train really hard and watch my diet closely which is hard because I like to eat.

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