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The Doctor once again laments the sonic screwdriver’s lack of a ‘wood setting’.It was first explicitly stated that the sonic doesn’t work on wood in 2008’s Silence In The Library, much to Donna’s disbelief.The Empress Of Mars is the title of a 2003 novella by Kage Baker, which won the 2004 Theodore Sturgeon Award and was nominated for a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award.The novella tells the story of a woman who runs the only bar on a colonised Mars.

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” - a direct reference to Gatiss’s previous fan-favourite episode.Queen Victoria herself previously appeared in Doctor Who in 2006’s Tooth And Claw, where she was played by actress Pauline Collins - it is Collins who appears in the portrait of Victoria seen in this episode.That was the actress’s second appearance in the series, having played Samantha Briggs in second Doctor tale The Faceless Ones, during which she turned down the invitation to become a regular companion, paving the way for Deborah Watling’s Victoria instead.Countdown to Destruction The eleventh Doctor previously visited NASA as part of his plan to scupper the Silence in 2011’s Day Of The Moon, and his claim that he loves a countdown is another similarity between himself and the Master, who confessed that he ‘never could resist a ticking clock’ in 2007’s Last Of The Time Lords.In 2015’s Heaven Sent, the Doctor claimed that his entire life was a countdown.

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