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We asked Planet Rock listeners to name the Greatest EVER Rock Song and Zeppelin's '71 classic came out on top.Stairway To Heaven was, in the end, one of TEN Zeppelin songs that appeared in the top 100.No track more perfectly represents the sum of Zep's parts than Kashmir - every member working in absolute harmony, with no solos, no vocal histrionics, no showboating from any member.It's dramatic, beautiful and just as startling every time you hear it.The fact that it did it TWICE nearly 20 years apart was just showing off.This song, above all others, summed up exactly what Queen were whilst changing rock music forever Perhaps the greatest compliment you can pay Free Bird is that when that fade starts to happen about 30 seconds before the end you simply don't want it to end.Absolutely bursting with attitude and power, Stargazer was born to be played VERY loud.

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It is also pretty notable for containing not only an enormous keyboard solo but also an outrageous guitar solo from Ritchie Blackmore.Buyers will have to move quickly though, as house prices across the board are rising rapidly in anticipation of these improvements,” Male said.Crossrail 2 was given the go-ahead by an independent body on Thursday.Queen and Skynyrd were the runners up with their own trademark epics, while bands such as AC/DC and Rush largely missed out in the upper echelons of the charts because votes were split over an enormous number of songs rather than focused on a handful of individual tracks.As you take a glance at the list below you'll probably notice that size DEFINITELY counts, with not one of the Top Ten boasting a running time of less than five minutes (in the original - i.e. In fact the average running time for the top ten is a massive SEVEN MINUTES NINE SECONDS.

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