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Beaucoup de personnes font recours à la vidéo pour mieux s'exprimer.

Les gens se familiarisent de plus en plus avec la caméra et se connectent en vrai live via la vidéo.

in line with all the emotional turmoil and reconciliation that precedes it.

Tim again recounts sitting at his brother’s bedside in the summer of 2015.

It’s crashing, collapsing representation of an everyday conversation, segueing from “Cry” into “Quit It.” Tim describes the latter as “hopefully a conclusion of the mistreatment I’ve done to Sue.” There are certain songs where it’s clearly Tim speaking about a very particular experience.He joked about the fancy room they put him up in, a trade for the gig. Strand Of Oaks’ fourth album, , had come out that preceding June and, finally, he was getting some kind of recognition.At the time, those shows felt like last installments in a gradually triumphant year.This is most pivotal in the album’s opening/title track.The whole thing begins with the lyrics: “You ran away, you went searching / You came back, tired of looking / You leave me now, you get nothing / Fired up, and tired of wasting / Hard love.” Tim still insists that, with the title dating back to around Boogie, “Hard Love” was the beginning of him trying to make “sexual music.” “The opposite of wallowing,” he says, “This isn’t gonna be about feeling sorry for myself, this is gonna be about getting you down.” That’s become even harder to believe, though: The new version of the song is a swelling indie anthem, a dramatic overture to the album and all its twists and turns.

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