Dating your twin flame

It is the fruit […] Obsessing over your Twin Flame connection?Though Twin Flame love is the most beautiful love you will ever experience, the Twin Flame journey itself brings up all your fears and negative beliefs that you didn’t even know were there to begin with.Click on the pink links to read Part II and Part III […] When your Twin Flame is with someone else All Twin Flame relationships have some obstacle to overcome before the twin couple can be together.I do not know one true Twin Flame couple that this did not apply to.Even if they had surgery to become conjoined twins, their codependence and desperation still wouldn’t have been satisfied.Desperation and weakness does not equal a great partnership.You can read below some of the ways, I can help you make your Twin Flame journey the miracle filled adventure that it is meant to be!

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If you want to facilitate change in your current relationship or find a successful relationship, loving yourself fully is the only way to ease pain and to open to true love.

If you are new to this website please start by downloading the free Gangsta Goddesses Manifesto, it will give you a better understanding of the Twin Flame journey and the real reasons behind all the highs and lows you often encounter in dealing with your beloved.

Also the articles and videos on this site will help you recognize some of the major issues you encounter on this journey, followed by advice on how to best deal with them.

They moved in together after a month of dating, and from what I hear their relationship did not end happily ever after.

I could clearly see that she was a doormat, and he was a man obsessively wiping his feet.

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