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Your balls were bouncing off my chin like it was the floor and they were basketballs," I pointed out, my tongue swirling in his ear."I don't know what got into me, I woke up horny like I always do and remembering last night something turned on inside me and before I knew it my cock was tapping your lips," he explained, through soft moans."I don't know," he said, "you did push it away when I first offered it to you." "S-s-sorry," I stammered."I was still asleep and didn't really didn't know what was going on." He shoved his cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face faster."Shhhh, baby, Mommy is talking," I said, putting my finger to his lips.

Mobiltelefon Galaxy J5 J510 16GB Gold Samsung Med Dual-Sim, plats för två sim-kort!He asked, already able to read my mind, "Is Mommy horny?" He pulled his cock out of my mouth and put his hand to my wet, still naked from last night, cunt and smiled, "Oh, my Mommy is horny." "Please Michael, fuck Mommy," I moaned as he flicked my clit with his finger.I was also surprised by him talking about a pet while he slowly pumped his cock in and out of my mouth until he finished his thought. " He chuckled softly as he filled my mouth again with his lovely cock."You will be my pet mom, my pet puppy." My eyes went wide at his confidence, but of course, I was unable to say anything with my mouth currently full. "This bed will be our bed, we will sleep in it together and I expect all three of your fuck-holes available to me at all times." Hearing my son say fuck-holes was both shocking and a complete turn-on.

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