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It represented a victory against the pernicious disease that had almost killed me, wrecked my family life and robbed me of my hard-won career as a broadcast journalist.

As the name of the work implied, this was my renaissance. My journey to the Tate was a long and tortuous one.

That was the moment I began to understand real fear. I had a rare condition known as 'Posterior Scleritis', where the white part of the eyes become inflamed inside the socket - recognised as one of the most painful conditions known in medicine. It took two years of tests to discover I was suffering from something I had never heard of - Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, or Lupus, for short, an auto-immune condition where the immune system attacks your own healthy body tissue.

This time I was the headline; the story was about me. Although it is quite common (there are more than 60,000 cases in the UK), there is a great deal of ignorance about Lupus, both among the general public and the medical profession.

Like the majority of sufferers, my joints became swollen and inflamed. With the right treatment, though, it is possible to control these symptoms and you can expect to live a relatively normal life in between flare-ups.

From then on, painting became what I did to hold myself together.

A few months later, I was well enough to attend a book launch for my friend and former colleague Kate Adie.

It was to be another life-changing event, as there I met Ian Palmer, Professor of Military Psychiatry, former SAS doctor and, that rarest of rare phenomena, a genuinely good man.

Few of you, I suspect, will have seen a work of art in London's Tate Modern entitled 'The artist formerly known as Triona Holden from the BBC'.

It was shown a few years ago and was on display for only an afternoon, tucked away in an obscure room. But for me, it was the most significant work in the whole place.

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