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She loathes the narrative that the "most [women] can ever hope for is not to be assaulted." While Barrica wants to be for anyone who feels out of touch with any aspect of their sexuality, she's particularly hopeful that women, LGBTQ people, and people of color will find refuge in the platform, which is moderated by humans — not an algorithm.Mark your calendars follow @Oschool Live for live streams of pleasure ed you can tune into on your phone."We have absolutely no tolerance for abuse, but we also want to be tolerant of people who haven't had this education," she says."It's part of our job to share that language in an accessible way." Barrica is frank about other challenges she'll face in growing is an organization devoted to creating healthy relationships and providing support and information to those looking for it.

You can ask questions and read articles on everything from how to use condoms, to ways of communicating with your partner, to what it’s like to have sex for the first time.

Andrea Barrica,'s 27-year-old founder, describes the platform as a middle ground between Planned Parenthood and online porn — a community that's neither too clinical or singularly focused on gratification.

The idea for sprung directly from Barrica's personal experiences.

Teens is a website with straightforward information on a variety of topics that affect teens and young adults.

There’s a whole section on sexual health that provides information on every kind of STI/STD, different types of birth control, sexual harassment, sexual orientation and more. is a website that is “by teens, for teens.” You can get your questions answered, take quizzes, join in on forums and get the facts on tonsof different topics.

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