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His mother, Agnes, was born in 1931, the illegitimate daughter of a widow, Rachel Hamilton. "I didn't want to know, I had my new family to think about. I don't want to be associated with Thomas Hamilton in any way.To prevent a scandal, the baby was given away to a childless couple who were relatives. Eighteen months later, the father ran off with another woman and a second "scandal" was hushed up. I need counselling." James, the "grandfather", is now 88.He did have an ingratiating, almost oily manner but I put that down to the buffetings he received." Mr Saunders took the view that Hamilton was innocent until proved guilty and so did dozens of others.When he was wearing his tie, Thomas Hamilton's enthusiasm for turning boys into athletes and his insistent denials of guilt could be very convincing indeed.George Smart said he had not got a word out his neighbour in two years.He would see him walking by dressed in the classic nerd's anorak, head down, hands shoved into pockets.Many people in Stirling, Dunblane and the other towns and cities of Central Scotland where Hamilton ran clubs believed that he was the victim of unsubstantiated gossip.Francis Saunders, a retired Stirling councillor who helped Hamilton when the local authority tried to kick his boys' club out of Dunblane schools in 1983, cast a bleak backward glance after the murders.

Shame, deception and, possibly, hatred were the dominant emotions in his family. "He seemed to get on with everyone I know of,” she said.

"I saw him in the street about once a month for 10 years and he was always complaining," he said.

"I never got the impression that he was concealing misconduct.

He had his collar-and-tie moments, his respectable moments, when he could be persuasive and deploy an unctuous charm.

He was only 22 when he was given the grievance that festered inside him for the rest of his life: his dismissal from the 4/6 Stirling District Scouts on the grounds that he was not suitable to be a troup leader.

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