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The Lita-Edge-Hardy love triangle gave way to creative wrestling story lines that got the public hooked.

So not only did they both have to face the music in their own lives, but they had to be publicly shamed for infidelity in the ring. Edge and Lita really only lasted as a couple long enough for the story to play out on TV, and thankfully today Edge is happily married to Beth Phoenix. It’s undeniable that both Edge and Beth were great wrestlers when they were at the peak of their careers.

There’s no shame in the game, no matter how dirty you play. And since the WWE superstars have fans all over the world, they spend most of their time traveling together, training together and fighting.

So it’s no surprise that most of them end up hooking up.

Today, both Cody and Brandi have officially left the WWE to pursue new interests. In December of 2015, Rusev called out Dana and Dolph for using Twitter too much as a means of communication.

Maybe he was tired of watching them flirt all day and asked them to text instead.

As he’s now the WWE’s executive vice president of talent, live events, and creative.She has been linked to different wrestlers, including Punk.Actually, CM Punk and Lita are rumored to have hooked up a couple of times.Reed, who went by the name Eden Stiles while she was the ring announcer for Smack Down, was overflowing with excitement for their relationship but made sure to keep it under wraps until she was free from her contract.The first time she left the WWE in 2011 she publicly announced that she was “Cody’s girl” with pride.

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