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” like setting some fabulous nature around your home; both lush foliage and flowers from the local farmers’ market can make a space bloom.

Beach dwellers have front-row seats for the results of everything from manmade pollution and coastal erosion to climate change and extreme storms; the rest of us would do well to keep an eye on how our environment affects us (and vice versa), too.

Given what that revenue could add to your budget, sharing your stuff sounds pretty good, no?

That’s a perk that beachfront property owners get to enjoy on a permanent basis. The easiest way to sidestep the inflation, overcrowding, and tackiness of popular destinations is, well, to sidestep those destinations.The whooshing sound of waves registers as a non-threat that tells our brains “don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry,” according to a sleep researcher from Penn State.No wonder white noise machines with “ocean” settings — and bedrooms that face the sea — are so popular.Our true connection extends beyond our orchards too.The relationships with our business customers run deep - we keep in close contact with constant updates throughout the season, so you can plan your business with certainty.

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