Craigslist boston dating

Becque also had a lot of friends who were using OKCupid.

Personality photo is very different from typical headshots because it establishes your persona based on whereas the headshots are made to convince your experience, confidence and power.Still, with all of their bells and whistles, they will have trouble supplanting the current king: Craigslist."Regardless of what we do, Craigslist has a massive supply of listings," Yadav said, explaining why the site remains top dog.The result, according to Becque, is something far more targeted and efficient than using Craigslist or Facebook."It's not like putting a message out on Facebook and praying that your cousin's friend's sister from Oklahoma is also moving that week," Becque told NBC News A few months ago, Becque (pictured above) decided to quit her job as a writer for Vanity Fair and run Room Zoom full-time.

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