Dating girls in namibia

How else would we plan for items like tables and chairs?Yet no one could give me an exact number of wedding guests.I’m not sure how comfortable she was with how often we were seen together in her small community. In my American mindset, I never considered how our constant togetherness might go over. And my Namibian boyfriend was so head over heels that he just about threw his cultural dating norms out of the window. We’d even shared an apartment together for a period.How we appeared in public at work or in town never crossed my mind. From what I gathered, his mother didn’t approve of us living together.This was not what I’d ever envisioned my wedding day to be like.We did end up having a bilingual pastor who agreed to give the service in English and Oshiwambo, so that my American guests and I could understand.He was a Namibian who was born and raised in a nearby village. It gave me a deeper insight into the community that I hadn’t had before.It put a more human face on my Namibian experience.

She gave me a bit of a stern look, but politely greeted me and then looked away. His mother had heard through the grapevine that her son was seen around town with an American.

Throughout that visit, I found myself constantly trying to fit in. In the village, homes consist of several huts and small brick buildings.

Everyone around me was constantly milling about, doing all sorts of housework. I would ask my fiance’s aunts if there was anything I could help with. I ended up spending a lot of time sitting and being a sponge. I shared a bed with female cousins of his while he slept in a totally different structure.

Just before I left for Namibia a few friends joked that I’d find my ‘African king’ there. The last thing I was moving to Africa for was a date.

My focus was finally experiencing life on the African continent. About six months into my Namibian school year, a new teacher joined the staff. We bumped into many people that he knew and he took the time to give me the background of every single person he greeted.

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