Sex chat with stranger woman

His T-shirt was showing off a great set of pectorals with hard nipples standing out under the tight material, he had a mighty fine six pack, and his jeans were tight enough that I could see an impressive bulge and follow the line of a long cock. I had to say he didn't act one way or the other yet. I had been so keyed up for Elias and had just watched a very personal gay fuck video.I was close to hyperventilating from the buildup of need. Most of my friends were gay, though, and I like to think of a guy as gay or bi until proven otherwise--and usually was right--so I didn't often have to wonder about someone I met who I was interested in sexually. Why wouldn't I be interested in a hunk black guy like Trevon sexually? "A man," I said without thinking of what inference he could get from that. That didn't mean I didn't think it—or that I wasn't thinking "and built like you, and should be here, laying me out on the bed and laying me." I tried finding out something about Trevon, in turn, that would help me categorize him, but other than saying he worked in construction, he didn't reveal much. I tended to give movie characters and roles to everyone I met.At least I had a lot of firewood in and this house had been built with fireplaces and double insulation that could provide for heat, as necessary. There's a landline phone over there on the kitchen wall, but you can use my cell phone, if you want. The cell phone is on the kitchen island over there." "Thanks," he said, as he entered.I was deciding whether to go take a shower and dress more warmly after the DVD was finished when I heard the door chimes sound. He shook my hand as he slipped the parka off and was going by me. I was also surprised to see that he was wearing a muscle T-shirt over tight jeans under the parka and was built solid and had a milk-chocolate, sultry look about him. "Can I get you something to drink while you're making your call?That night I did my first show at Caligula, and that night Elias fucked the stuffing out of me for the first time—on stage. We did it on an ottoman on a slowly revolving stage in the center of a show room at Caligula, which put the raucous and attention-grabbed male crowd close to the stage and able, while standing in one place, to watch at all angles the big, strapping, muscular thirty-two-year-old, experienced black bull, Elias, rip the virginity of the willing, but nonetheless not previously initiated, out of me, Mike Townsand, a relatively smaller, lither nineteen-year-old novice white boy fresh out of Milwaukie.He laid me on the ottoman--on my back, on my belly, on my side, on my knees, on my shoulders--and took me, stretching and punishing my virginal hole with that monster black shaft of his in several positions, while encouragement and money rained down on us from all around.And maybe, I thought, as I clicked off the DVD and went out to the foyer to answer the door, Elias had hopped a snowplow after all and the weekend would be saved. When I turned on the front porch light, I saw that a stranger, bundled up in a parka and a floppy-eared hat, was standing out there, shivering in the cold, and blowing on his hands to warm them. "Ah, you were going to celebrate New Year's Eve alone? "Someone was coming, but can't now because of the snow. The man had that sensuous, pouty aura about him that Brando exuded in the sexy phase of his life. It obviously was from having been watching sex DVDs while waiting for Elias and anticipating what Elias and I would be doing tonight.But not doing now, I remembered, as I went into the kitchen and broke out a beer.

I looked at the bottle of Mums on ice in the wine bucket but didn't have the inclination to put that back in the refrigerator yet.

The house further in from mine, Ben Swift's A-frame, had a few lights on, but I'd seen the movie producer down in L. Thursday evening, at the movie studio, and he said he'd be in Las Vegas for the weekend. I hoped his guests wouldn't be disappointed about being snowed in.

Of course, if they'd come to ski, they could wade their way up to the lifts and ski back down a short way to the house. I might go over and make sure they did—if I could get the gumption to go out in this snow myself. The house on the other side of mine, the more substantial log house the Lathems owned, had had lights on earlier too.

I went back to the living room and settled in to watch the DVD I'd pulled out to watch with Elias for old time's sake on this tenth anniversary night.

I'd wrapped it for Elias to open, but I tore the wrappings off and put it in the machine.

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