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There seems to be a growing divide between small charitable organisations – with little profile but high energy, real street credibility and beneficiary involvement – and the traditional large organisations – with big reserves, highly paid chief executives and expensive central London headquarters, adds Beresford.

Very little of the money that may come from the super-rich is ever likely to find its way into the accounts of the grassroots voluntary organisations that make up the majority of charities.

If you exclude Gavi, then the list is dominated by major health charities, such as Cancer Research UK and Mac Millan; global development groups Save the Children, Oxfam and the British Red Cross; and animal charities such as the RSPCA and the RSPB.

Humans, birds and animals gather together in the top 10.

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As Peter Beresford professor of social policy at Brunel University points out, today the government's U-turn on efforts to restrict tax relief to super-rich givers shows just what muscle big charity has.

The RNLI for example says that six out of ten of its launches are funded by legacies.

For every £1 given to the RNLI 81p is spent on providing a rescue service, but 16p is spent on generating voluntary income.

Donations make up more than a third of the income of the household name charities.

They employ teams of professional fundraisers and have departments dedicated to securing legacies, getting major gifts from wealthy philanthropists and signing up new supporters in the street which shores up their income year on year even during a recession.

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