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Judge Stockdale told Newland: 'You went to extraordinary lengths to manipulate (the complainant) and control her.Only when your control was absolute did you put your deceit to the ultimate test and allow a meeting to take place between her and the fictional Kye Fortune.'Such was the desire for one-to-one contact with him that you had engendered she was willing to go to any lengths to meet him.There remains no acknowledgement of the wrong you did to her.'Judge Stockdale also told Newland: 'She (the complainant) did not consent to these invasive acts of penetration because her willing compliance with your abusive behaviour was obtained by a deceit.'This was a deceit of such subtlety and cunning in its planning and was a deceit, from your point of view, so successful in its execution that an outsider unaware of the full history of the case might find it difficult to comprehend.'But truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction.The truth, the whole truth, here is as surprising as it is profoundly disturbing.'He went on: 'It is difficult to conceive of a deceit so degrading or so damaging for the victim upon its discovery.'Newland had told her victim, also in her 20s, to wear a blindfold at all times when they met at the complainant's flat.He said: 'In her own words, she said the ‘nightmares still remain, the distrust remains and the fear still remains’.'In extracts read from her most recent victim impact statement, the complainant said the defendant had 'managed to plague every attempt I have made to make my life positive' and had left her with 'this continuous, ominous, unsettling feeling she has planted in what is left of my life'.'She has created a prison for the joyful persona I once had,' she said.

It was a planned and sophisticated deceit over 18 months.'2011: Newland and her victim meet at Chester University.This was accomplished once Newland came across a basketball-loving youth in New York who fitted how she imagined Kye.The victim in the trial was first befriended by Newland in real life before receiving a friend request from Kye.Newland denied concealing her true identity and claimed both women were gay and struggling with their sexuality when they met and had sex, with her as Kye, during role-play.A jury at the court last month found Newland, from Willaston in Cheshire, guilty of committing sexual assault by using a £20 prosthetic penis without her blindfolded victim's consent, following a retrial.

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