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As discussed above, whole-rock samples of multiple flows yields the time since their common source was isotopically homogeneous.It also be the age of the flows, but it does not have to be.The canyon must be younger than the rock layers that it cuts into.The sediments above the angular unconformity must be younger than the sediments below it.The attempt to abuse the meaning of a single contrived date -- which was produced only by a sample selection geared to dating a different event, and only for samples whose results were known by Austin in advance -- says a lot more about the level of competence or honesty in this creation "science" research program, than it says about the validity of isochron dating methods.

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The problem is not the age itself but rather Austin's sleight-of-hand in trying to pass off the result as necessarily the age of the flows rather than a minimum age of their source.

The "type" of rock is not sufficient to establish the samples being cogenetic.

Since the stratigraphic evidence indicates that the flows did not all occur at the same time, the case could only be made by other isotopic analysis such as taking internal isochrons of the individual flows.

The geological relationships of the various formations are quite clear.

The lava flows which spill into the canyon must be younger than the canyon.

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