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The two of them carried on like a pair of lovesick teenagers,” the late Franklin Roosevelt Jr., who served as JFK’s undersecretary of commerce, says in the book.“I suspect Bobby would’ve liked to dump Ethel and marry Jackie, but, of course, that wasn’t possible.” The book, which hits shelves this month, also includes recollections of the steamy affair from a host of other Kennedy family intimates, including Pierre Salinger, Arthur Schlesinger, Jack Newfield, Gore Vidal, Truman Capote and Morton Downey Jr. David Heymann said he spent nearly two decades researching the tome, even digging through old FBI and Secret Service files about the clandestine couple.

Pope Francis referred to the idea that climate change is fake, as a "perverse attitude." The Holy Father urged the negotiators to come to an agreement and to take quick action, free of special interests.This rapid change is much faster than natural selection can keep up, which causes many species to either migrate or go extinct. Meanwhile, human activity is increasing, and natural plant and animal habitats are disappearing.The impact on human populations is significant and more detrimental than beneficial.He referred to human-caused global warming as "One of the most worrisome phenomena that humanity is facing." Pope Francis did not identify any specific individuals, but it is widely known that President Trump and key members of his cabinet disagree with the claim that climate change is real and is chiefly caused by human activity.President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord earlier this year.

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