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" It was a stripped ,rusted out, body sitting on its chassis, with flat front tires and no diff. He also transported money (with security guards) from bank to bank and payrol.The side valve 6cyl motor, gearbox and diff were totally stripped, and rusted, lying in different areas of the shed where I found the car approx 9 years ago. The car was originally painted maroon on the top with a black lower section.I ended up cutting the body off what was the sub frame, and removing the bottom 2 inches off the body due to rust.

During the 1920's he continued to expand, buying La Fayett Motor Corp. By 1928 Nash Motors production exceeded 138,000 cars.

I've also lost the rearend and replaced it with an 8.5 chevy 10 bolt.

The wheels are 14's in the front and 15's in the back with hurst whitewall cheater slicks.

Its built in the style of the shine runners of the days of old. The torque tube was cracked, the suspension was totaled from hitting hard, the rearend was blown, and both frame rails were cracked lenghwise.

I have a feeling that this car was driven hard and put away wet.""I've blown up the 305, and have since had a 283 and now a 327 Chevy motor in it.

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