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More than satisfying these criteria, Brazil is home to the world's largest rain forest, the coastline means you can spend an entire holiday amid the swimsuit-clad, and if you time your trip right, you can witness the unquestionably exotic atmosphere of Rio during Carnaval.

Given the criminality in many of Brazil's cities, male travelers should practice the same precautions as females, such as staying in groups, leaving valuable watches or jewelry at home and familiarizing yourself with a map before you leave the hotel.

Floors, ceilings and staircases are made of China fir.Closed Tuesdays (except public holidays) and the first two days of Chinese New open stage urban farms, restaurant, food kiosks and pop-up store.Whether you're drawn to the pristine beaches or the dense jungle, Brazil has plenty of attractions to keep you amused throughout a solo jaunt.Traveling alone lets you customize your trip to your particular tastes and interests, an exceptional boon when visiting a country such as Brazil, with such varied points of interest.

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