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There is more to merit badges than simply providing opportunities to learn skills.There is more to them than an introduction to lifetime hobbies, or the inspiration to pursue a career—though these invaluable results occur regularly. And fields of study and interest are explored beyond the limits of the school classroom.However, see “Counselor Approvals and Limitations,”, for circumstances when a unit leader may place limits on the number of merit badges that may be earned from one counselor.

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In the role of giving leadership to the delivery of the troop program, a Scoutmaster, for example, has a better opportunity than other leaders to get to know the youth.

The unit leader and Scout should come to agreement as to who the counselor will be.

Lacking agreement, the Scout must be allowed to work with the counselor of his choice, so long as the counselor is registered and has been approved by the council advancement committee.

Even though Scouts may benefit from reviewing requirements with a counselor before pursuing them, a boy may begin working on a merit badge at any time after he is registered.

It is the counselor’s decision whether to accept work or activities completed prior to the issuing of the signed blue card. For example, nights already camped as a Boy Scout, or coins or stamps already collected, would count toward their respective badges.

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